clark van norris

Currently - I write songs and instrumentals for film/tv and commercials. I'm have a passion for wildlife photography - especially photographing wild turkeys. I also love to create and build things by hand. 

About - 

As far back as I can remember, I’ve been writing songs. I started playing the piano around the age of five. When I was nine I wrote and published my first song called Sea Creatures. Throughout my teens I took piano lessons and jotted down song ideas as they came to me. In college I decided to pursue a major in composition. While in college I played guitar in several bands and continued to grow as a songwriter. After college I kept writing and purchased my first grand piano. As dreams of becoming a touring artist faded, I set out to write songs for film/tv and commercials, and that is what I'm doing at present. My goal each day is to write amazing and captivating songs regardless of fame and fortune. Hopefully, if I continue writing incredible songs, the rest will take care of itself. All of this bringing me full circle to how it started and what I love doing, songwriting. 

My songs and instrumentals have appeared on radio, tv, promotions and commercials. 

photos of me by : Lisa Housman